The World of Warships monogram trademark is an item of intellectual property owned by The copyright is indicated by two special symbols: the registered symbol (Latin letter R inside a circle) and the trademark symbol (combination of the Latin letters T and M). The positioning, size, and proportions of trademark symbols with regard to the logo are clearly indicated and cannot be changed.

The absence of the registered and trademark symbols near the logo does not imply a rejection of proprietary rights or lack of legal defense, and the logo can be used without them. The symbols are used when the copyright holder finds it necessary to indicate property registration, or is obliged to do so in accordance with intellectual property protection legislation, particularly, when placing the logo on any kind of promotional materials.

Use of the corporate identity elements with the corporate symbols complies with the general rules described in the Rules of Positioning section.



Trademark implementation must be coordinated with the company’s intellectual property experts.



  • PSD. Standard image size is 2000х2000 px. The smart object in the file contains a full-size image.
  • PNG. The image is 1000 px wide on the transparent background.
  • Each file already contains free space.


  • Main version of the identity block with TRADEMARK SYMBOLS

  • Main logo version with TRADEMARK SYMBOLS

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