The project possesses a specific style and tone that form its unique brand character. The brand character comprises of a certain number of attributes reflected in visual communications.



World of Warships is a universe of large-scale naval battles that take place in various corners of the Earth. Users can act freely according to specific combat conditions on diverse and innovative maps.



The in-game “megatons of steel” become the fearful fleet of battleships combining unique firepower, speed, and technical peculiarities.


Ships possess high endurance. They are able to set a course through the most turbulent waves and round any continent. The word “solid” describes the brand itself, claiming “We are seriously in this for the long haul.”


Compared with tanks and warplanes, battleships are much heavier. This description emphasizes not only the amount of physical mass of the warships, but the titanic scale of naval battles. “Heavy” is for profound, fundamental, exceptional, and even epic.



World of Warships is a military game that comes with the notions of strategy, discipline, order, and command channels. We respect people who love military and naval history. In this regard, the development rests on the military experts’ experience.


World of Warships embraces all aspects of high seas struggles, while submerging players in the deep waters of naval battles. The texture of ship skins, scars, hit marks, and faded fonts help to convey the atmosphere of severe naval battles through visual communication.