The main condition of identity elements is the following: background must not impede instantaneous perception and awareness of the identity block or logo. When working with visual identity elements, only use the correct variations given in this section. These techniques can be applied to print media, product branding, and exhibition design.

The identity elements have different design versions for dark and light backgrounds. Background analysis and usage of the correct design version ensure high quality and integrity of the image on mockups.


Corporate Methods of Logo and Background Adaptation

The identity block (logo) should always look integral and natural on any background. In combination with a uniform background, the identity block (logo) is typically located on the central axis of symmetry and positioned as the main element. The following methods below are used for the identity block (logo) and background adaptations.


Shadow Accentuation

This technique is used when the logo needs to be placed obviously
in the foreground. In this case, we add a small drop shadow. The primary requirement is that the shadow has soft edges, so as not to create unnecessary contrast. 

Tonal Accentuation

This variant includes a slight darkening to the entire perimeter of the logo. On the illustration, the darkening saturation is slightly increased to make the example more vivid. The maximum darkening distance is not specified because it depends on the particular mockup.



Tonal and Texture Accentuation 

In some cases, additional texture editing is required. A matching texture is combined with darkening around the perimeter. This is the most complicated, but, when used correctly, the most effective way to place the identity block (logo) on any background.



Identity Block (Logo) in Illustrations

The main element of the composition is an aircraft, reflecting the energetic and dynamic action of aerial battle. The identity block (logo) is a secondary element used for brand identification. In this case, the positioning of the identity block (logo) should also correspond to the general rules of positioning.



Adjustment to a Specific Format

Identity elements need to be adjusted to a specific mockup if simple scaling does not solve the problem. This page contains examples of correct identity style adaption to layouts of different sizes.