The concept art is based on a number of features inherent to aircraft,
as well as the special spirit and energy of aerial battle.

In contrast to most online games, World of Warplanes does not make players identify themselves with a character of a specific appearance. Players own and rule the game property, maintaining their own personal qualities throughout the game.

The key visual stylistics of the project include:

  • The highest level of image realism
  • The expressiveness, firepower, and impetuousness of aerial battle
  • The vastness of the world and the spirit of freedom
  • Courageous images with elements of brutality
  • Brothers in arms and team spirit on and off the battlefield
  • Military discipline and excellence
  • Succinct and interactive control and text elements

Light humor is acceptable for elements and images of secondary importance that are not associated with a gamer’s personality.

Stylistic elements should not include images directly related to:

  • Technical aesthetics of sci-fi universes
  • Modern technology (Hi-Tech)
  • Stylized reality with distorted proportions and imaginary objects (fantasy, comics, fairy tales, etc.)
  • Horror, including death, depression, enclosed spaces, otherworldly reality


The general concept art of World of Warplanes has been carried over from World of Tanks and maintains similar visual stylistic boundaries.