The project possesses a specific style and tone that form its unique brand character. As a headline concept, the phrase MEGA TONS OF STEEL gives
a sense of the attitude, spirit, look, feel, and sheer joy of playing the game in a single strapline. The brand character comprises of a certain number of attributes reflected in visual communications.



Aircraft have aerial firepower. World of Warplanes is a powerful brand and powerful gaming experience that immerses players in the action and is always visceral and compelling.



Aircraft are solid vehicles. Likewise, solid symbolizes the brand itself, communicating “we are here to stay”.


Metal conjures the idea of mega tons of steel, emphasizing that the game allows players to get up close and personal with some of the greatest warbirds ever built.



Heavy sums up not only the weight of the airplanes, but the sheer size and scale of the conflict on offer in the game. It is massive, substantial, outstanding, and nothing less than epic.


World of Warplanes is a military game that comes with the notions of strategy, discipline, and chain of command. We respect people who love military equipment and history. In this regard, the development rests
on the military experts’ experience.



The game embraces the all-out carnage of war and puts players into the thick of battle. It is a gritty experience. The texture of aircraft skins, hit marks, and faded fonts help to convey the atmosphere of gritty battles through visual communication.