The identity font helps define the visual style of the project. World of Tanks Mercenaries uses WG Stencil, Roboto and Roboto Condensed. WG Stencil is an all-around laconic typeface that corresponds fully to the brand personality and is used in all visual communications. WG Stencil D and WG Stencil are used as accent identity fonts. WG Stencil D is used for larger-format assets, WG Stencil is used for smaller format assets.

The project’s main font is Roboto. It is a direct, austere font of the Helvetica family, which is associated with both historic military and modern computer fonts. Roboto Black is used primarily in the headers, while Roboto Condenced Regular is preferable for text blocks.


wg stencil d (accent, larger format)


WG stencil (Accent, smaller format)


roboto (Main, header)


roboto condenced (Main, body text)



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