Vector Versions of the Identity Block

In the event the main version of the identity block is not suitable due to technical issues, such as a small print area or color printing limitations, use the vector version. There are two versions of the identity block: detailed and simplified.

See the rules of correct usage of the vector identity block versions in the Rules of Positioning section.


Detailed Version

The detailed version of the identity block is used if the main version cannot be applied because of technical limitations. Despite the simple nature of the vector version, it still contains all necessary details.


Simplified Version

In cases when neither the main or high-detail versions of the identity block can be used, due to a small printing area or a limited number of printing colors, a simplified variant of the vector version should be used. The simplified version of the identity block has two variants: two-color and monochrome.

The variant of the simplified vector version of the identity block should be selected based on the specified minimum dimensions.




The use of previous identity block versions is not allowed. Do not change the colors of the identity block and its elements.

Do not transform or change proportions of the identity block.

Do not change the font of the motto or apply visual effects and filters to stylize the motto. 

Do not change the approved “Roll Out” motto or use it with the identity block of other projects.



  • Each file already contains free space.


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