Vector Versions

In all types of marketing communications, use the main version of the logo whenever possible. Some technical issues, such as a small print area or color printing limitations, may mean the main logo version is not suitable. In such cases, use the vector version of the logo. The main version can be replaced with
a monochrome version only on secondary materials and only in cases when it is not possible to use the full-color version due to technical obstacles. There are four types of vector logo.






Simplified (in two configurations)

The simplified version is designed specifically for the smallest formats, such as merchandise items (pens, pendants, etc).



Incorrect Use of the Vector Version

Use only approved logo versions. Any other modifications are unacceptable.

Do not invert the color of the logo for light and dark backgrounds. 

Do not use vector logo versions for full-color images. 

Do not change the colors of the logo and do not transform or move any elements of the logo. 



  • Each file already contains free space.


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