System of Visual Identifiers

The essence of brand style is created by visual identifiers. These visual identifiers are interrelated and interdependent elements that together forma system of visual signs and markers that distinguish the project from a number of others.

Tanks and related attributes, being the main characters of the game, are in the center of this system. We have incorporated the main visual featuresof a tank (shapes, textures, colors) to the World of Tanks identifiers. This continuity intensifies the emotional distinctiveness of the brand, helping new players feel and understand the nature of the project from the beginning.



The angular logo is reminiscent of the shapes of armoured vehicles of the mid-20th century and resembles tank armour via its texture.


The motto includes flame colors with traces of tank tracks.


Identity Block

The identity block is a combination of all the color attributes, logo, identity font, and motto.



The project colors are connected with tank battle elements: the flame colors of fire and the dark colors
of the ground, fumes, and smoke.



The austere, direct font has associations with “military” fonts.



Key-art is a vivid example of the combination of all attributes and properties with a realistic image of tanks, fire, sparks, and explosions.


SpArks and Fire

Sparks and fire are an emphasizing detail, conveying the energy of tank battles and gamers’ emotions.



Earth is the main environment of the project.