Motto is a short suggestive phrase that expresses the principles of a brand in a natural way. The army command “Roll Out” is the motto of World of Tanks. The motto is not a graphical, but a verbal identifier. It is designed as a font composition to enhance its connection with the other identifiers. Direct condensed type characters without serifs are similar to the projects primary font and wordmark. Flame color letters and stylized vehicle tracks are an important part of the design, making the motto more significant and expressive.

Please note that the vector version should only be used when use of the main full-colored motto version is technically impossible. As this command sounds different in other languages, the motto can be localized for various regions. For more details, please see Localization.




  • PSD. Standard image size is 2000х2000 px. The smart object in the file contains a full-size image.
  • PNG. The image is 1000 px wide on the transparent background.


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