Main Logo Version

The logo represents a set of the most important brand elements: shape, texture, and color palette. There are two configurations of the main logo version: basic (two-level) and one-level. Any other logo configurations are unacceptable.


Configurations of the Main Logo Version

The basic (two-level) configuration of the main logo is always preferable as it is the best way of portraying the feeling of a military badge. The alternative one-level configuration is used only in cases when the canvas is too small and the main version does not fit comfortably. When localizing the logo in other languages, please keep in mind that the ratios and proportions of the logo elements should remain unchanged. For more details see Localization.


Incorrect Use of the Main Version

Use only approved logo versions. Any other modifications are unacceptable.

Do not change the colors of the logo and do not transform or move any elements of the logo. 

Do not use vector logo versions for full-color images.



  • PSD. Standard image size is 2000х2000 px. The smart object in the file contains a full-size image.
  • PNG. The image is 1000 px wide on the transparent background.
  • Each file already contains free space.


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