General Art Concept

The art concept is based on a number of features inherent to tank vehicles, as well as the special spirit and energy of tank battle. The key visual stylistics of the project include:

  • The highest level of image realism, including the “tactile” photorealism of textures.
  • The expressiveness, power, and impetuousness of armored vehicle battle.
  • The vastness of the world and the spirit of freedom.
  • Courageous images with elements of brutality.
  • Brothers in arms and team spirit on and off the battle field.
  • Military obeisance and elitism.
  • Succinct and interactive text elements.

Light humour is acceptable for elements
and images of secondary importance that
are not associated with the gamer’s personality.

  • Stylistic elements should not include images directly related to:
  • Technical aesthetics of sci-fi universes.
  • Modern technology (Hi-Tech).
  • Stylized reality with distorted proportions and imaginary objects (fantasy, comics, fairy tales, cartoons).
  • Horror, including death, depression, enclosed spaces, otherworldly realities, and paranormal phenomena.


This list sets example boundaries for style, but is not exhaustiv