Brand Personality

This chapter describes very specific attributes that create the project’s stylistic uniqueness. As a headline concept, the phrase MEGA TONS OF STEEL gives a sense of the attitude, spirit, look, feel, and the sheer joy of playing the game in a single strapline.



Tanks exude power. They dominate the environment. World of Tanks is a powerful brand and a powerful gaming experience that immerses players in the action and always visceral and compelling.


Tanks are extremely solid vehicles. Clad in thick armor, they are all but impenetrable. Likewise, solid symbolizes the brand itself, communicating “We are here to stay”.



Tanks are made of metal. Metal conjures the idea of mega tons of steel, emphasizing that the game allows players to get up close and personal with some of the greatest war machines ever built.


Heavy encapsulates the power of the brand in just one word. tanks are heavy. Heavy sums up the weight not only of the tanks, but the sheer size and scale of the conflict on offer in the game. it is massive, substantial, and epic.



World of Tanks is a military game that respects military history. The brand communicates with people who know and love their Militaria. The military credibility of the game should not be undermined and the brand should reflect military order, discipline, strategy, and hierarchy.


As a game and as a brand, World of Tanks pulls no punches. The game embraces the all-out carnage of war (on a machine level) and puts players into the thick of the battle. It is a gritty experience. Visually, this means that typefaces, images and other graphical elements have a distressed, worn, battle-damaged feel that immediately conjures up the heat of conflict.