Identity Block

The combination of the main version of the logo and the motto, as well as one or several console logos forms an identity block. It is the main branding element preferred for use in all marketing communications. This section contains the main rules and guidelines to follow when working with the identity block.


Main Version of the Identity Block

The identity block is given top priority as it combines the visual attributes, as well as verbal communication, conveying the nature and energy of the game. Unless technical limitations make it impossible, the main version of the identity block is used in all types of visual communications.



Vector Version of the Identity Block

In all types of marketing communications, use the main version of the identity block whenever possible. Some technical issues, such as a small print area or color printing limitations, may mean the main identity block version is not suitable. In such cases, use the vector version of the identity block.



Incorrect Usage of the Identity Block

Do not change the colors of the identity block and do not alter or move its elements. Adding any specks of light to the identity block is not allowed. Do not use the full-colored versions of console logos and do not reproduce the console logos using any typeface. These rules are applicable for all identity block versions.




PSD. Standard image size is 2000х2000 px. The smart object in the file contains a full-size image. Each file already contains free space.


  • WoT_Console_idblock_ps4

  • WoT_Console_idblock_ps4_xboxone

  • WoT_Console_idblock_xbox360

  • WoT_Console_idblock_xbox360_ps4

  • WoT_Console_idblock_xboxone

  • WoT_Console_idblock_xboxone_xbox360

  • WoT_Console_idblock_xboxone_xbox360_ps4

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