The logo and the symbol are the most crucial elements of our visual communication tha carry key characteristics of the brand identity.




What will look great

Monochrome or red logos
on black-and-white images. 

Monochrome logos
on color images.

Putting logos on congeneric

Justifying logo placement
on a compositional level.


If an image instantly reveals a Wargaming product, use just a symbol. If the association is not direct, use the logo. 



what will look not so great

Bitmap versions of the logo
or symbol.

Two-color vector versions
of the logo or symbol.

Both the logo and the symbol separately on a single image.

Cropping the symbol or the logo. 


Find more about the rules of logo usage here.



file library

  • EPS. Each file contains versions for dark and light backgrounds. 
  • Each file goes with a free area.


Download all files