Arrow lines are the very parts of the Wargaming logo, divided into four pieces. Their distinctive curves serve as an element that binds the two design principles together. Each arrow is different with its form and outline, combining bent and almost straight lines.



WHAT will look great



But do it proportionally.

tilt and mirror

Do that with any of the four
arrow elements.

keep nodal elements

Make sure that you still keep
one of the nodal elements
on an image.





integrate arrows

Arrows can be integrated
into a story.

put them beyond an image

At least one end of an arrow
must go beyond the borders
of an image.

transform arrows into shapes

You can transform an arrow into
a shape, expanding one of the sides up to image borders. Don't forget
to follow all the aforementioned recommendations.


What will look not so great


more than one arrow

full arrow within an image

image deterioration





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