​vector logo version

In all types of marketing communications, use the main version of the logo whenever possible. The main logo version may be not suitable because of some technical issues, such as a small print area or color printing limitations. In such cases, use the vector version of the logo. The vector logo version is related to the design of the main full-colored logo and reflects the character of the brand as closely as possible. There are three versions of the vector logo: monochrome, two-color gray, and two-color white. All vector versions have vertical (main version) and horizontal (secondary version) configurations.



Incorrect Usage of the Vector Logo Versions

This section shows the most common mistakes when using
the simplified logo version. To avoid incorrect brand positioning,
it is always better to use approved logo versions, where possible.

You must not flip elements horizontally or vertically, change the logo color, place the logo on a bright background, use outlining, use volume, deform the logo and its elements, change the places of the elements, replace the logo elements with other ones.



  • PNG. The image is 1000 px wide on the transparent background.
  • Each file already contains free space.


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