Main logo version

The logo is a single composition, consisting of unique graphical elements that reflect the main characteristics of the brand. All logo elements (the symbol, the name, and the slogan) cannot be used separately from each other. Unless technical limitations make it impossible, the main version of the logo is used in all types of visual communications.


Configuration of the Main Logo Version

There are two configurations of the full-colored logo: vertical (main version) and horizontal (secondary version). The vertical configuration of the full-colored logo is always a top priority in all types of marketing communications. The main version of the logo is in English and used for all regions. There are no official localized versions of the logo in other languages.



Logo structure

The logo consists of three elements.All the elements are placed
on the central axis of symmetry, emphasizing stability and solidity:
symbol reflects visual identity, wordmark displays a unique typeface
of the brand name, motto reflects a short phrase defining the purpose of the company. Together they convey the visual brand identity and its key features in a full and comprehensive way. For this reason, none of the identity block elements can be used separately.

logo building scheme

The proportions of the logo are arranged in a very precise way. The scheme above demonstrates the proportions of the logo elements.
You may use it as a model when creating templates, large-scale logo reproductions, projection shows, etc.

 Incorrect use of the main logo version

This section illustrates the most common mistakes in the use
of the main logo version. 
The list of mistakes is not exhaustive. 

The primary rule, which will help you to avoid mistakes, is obvious and simple: use only approved logo versions. Any other modifications are unacceptable.



  • PSD. Standard image size is 1000х1000 px. The smart object in the file contains a full-size image.
  • PNG. The image is 1000 px wide on the transparent background.
  • Each file already contains free space.


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