how to use this site

This site provides navigation elements that enable you to easily change from one guide section to another and quickly search for the required information.

Follow the link to see the tutorial.


In the top menu bar, you can change between guides. To see the full list of published documents, use the icon on the right. 

On the left side of the menu bar, you can shift between the sections and subsections of a document.

While studying a guide, please pay close attention to information marked with a circled exclamation mark.

Special boxes contain navigation and technical information.

All hyperlinks in a document are highlighted and underlined.

The rules for using corporate style elements are presented in special technical tables.

All files in the library can be downloaded in different formats. To download a file, click the corresponding button.

File names are strictly regulated and follow special rules.

  • Company Name
  • Project Name
  • Element
  • Version
  • Version Type
  • Color
  • Number of Colors
  • Size
  • Extension